What is happening at Mopiri Camp?

Currently Mopiri consists of basic infrastructure and assets, administered by the BWBT.  Mopiri camp has been used as the launch site for numerous NGOWP Delta wetland bird surveys, as well as being used to undertake education workshops with teachers from local schools in our community outreach programmes. In future, the plan is to use Mopiri Camp as a research base to launch long-term water, bird and fish population-monitoring programs in the lagoon and surrounding channel. An appointed research manager will establish community relations to ensure ongoing communication and our outreach programmes will continue to grow.

In the coming months and years, we plan to roll out sensors along the Okavango River in all 3 countries, our aim is to measure the heart-beat of the system and provide an independent data set which governments and concerned organisations can make use of in an open source data set. Mopiri Research Camp will be funded each year by the BWBT using unrestricted charitable donations made via the National Geographic Society and direct to the BWBT.  The camp is envisaged to be in operation throughout the year with several researchers available to give talks on their work and the Okavango Delta to guests at the main camp.

How Can You Support the Research?

From 2019, we are hoping to establish the following additional developments at the research camp and are looking for sponsors and donations for these exciting improvements:

  • Science Unit: A dedicated area in which scientists can work and scientific items can be stored and accessed securely.
  • A secure and completely independent lockable store for scientific equipment.
  • Outdoor sheltered working centre.
  • Jetty for mokoro and boats
  • ‘Lapa’ for roundtable discussions.

If you would be interested in sponsoring any of the proposed improvements, or making a donation towards the research camp, please get in touch with the BWBT at the following contact details and visit the website for more information.

Koketso Mookodi: Country Director: Botswana Wild Bird Trust

Mobile: + 267 723 96507

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