Every guest we welcome to Botswana has a different idea of the perfect safari experience ­– and at Roots & Journeys we believe we really can please everyone. Our safaris aren’t just game drives, they offer something for everyone: slow-paced, high speed, active, remote, community-based, adrenaline-fuelled, interactive and educational. You choose how you’d like to spend your time with us, then start planning!




The Khwai River is often the only water source year round for species that rely on it, like elephants ­– as well as aquatic and semi-aquatic antelope such as red lechwe, water and reed buck. Giraffe, kudu and zebra can often be seen ­– as well as their predators! Botswana has the largest African wild dog population on earth and it is not unusual to see one or two packs denning. Head north from the end of the Khwai River and you’ll reach the Mababe depression ­– another incredibly rewarding area to explore.

Available at: Nokanyana, Great Tsau Hill


A selection of room massage treatments is available in your room:

  • Full Body Massage
  • Back and Neck Massage
  • Head and Neck Massage

Please check full list of treatments and availability ahead of time; this is an add-on activity.

Available at: Mopiri


The bush holds many secrets if you know how and where to look! Your guide will point out tracks and signs of animals, insects, birds, trees and many other fascinating aspects of this unique environment. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with African nature.

Available at: Mopiri, Great Tsau Hill


Enjoy a sundowner or a spot of fishing aboard our double storey barge “Osprey”. This is the perfect way to start or end your stay, or simply to relax on the idyllic water and really take in your stunning surroundings.

Available at: Mopiri

Exclusive Adventures
Birding with roots & Journeys


In the company of one of our knowledgeable guides, you’ll marvel at the variety of birds found in Roots & Journeys’ wonderful locations. Botswana has approximately 500 species of birds, some of which are highly specific to the Okavango Delta (Mopiri), the savannah (Nokanyana) and the Kalahari Desert (Tsau). 

Exceptional birding months are from September to February, when migrants have returned to southern Africa to take advantage of the optimum feeding conditions, before the floods arrive in the Delta.


Head out on a boat into the unknown of the Okavango Delta and you’ll enjoy the thrill of exploring a genuine wilderness. Explore hidden channels, find the best fishing spots and view hippos and even crocodiles from the water. Our knowledgeable guide will also tell you all about the incredible ecosystem that is so important to us at Roots & Journeys. 

Available at: Mopiri

Boat trip through the Okavango Delta


Spend the night camping out under the stars on a secluded island, accompanied by an expert team from Mopiri who will set up the camp from scratch. Your trusty barman will ensure that your sundowner is on hand and a full three-course meal will be prepared over the coals. This magical experience gives you a wonderful opportunity to see wildlife close-up and to experience all the activities on offer. Your room will be ready and waiting for you on your return to Mopiri the next day. (Please note that this activity must be booked in advance as fly camps are set up prior to your arrival.)

Available at: Mopiri, Great Tsau Hill


You’ll be picked up from camp by helicopter for a scenic flight to the village that we’ve been invited to; your tour will be led by a local guide who will explain fascinating aspects of village life such as architecture, religious beliefs, hunting and fishing. You’ll also be able to talk to local craftspeople. This two-hour excursion provides ideal opportunities to photograph the landscape and wildlife en route.

Available at: Mopiri


Mopiri is a prime destination for lure fishing. Tigerfish are indigenous to the area and as one of the world’s most dramatic freshwater game fish this is a uniquely thrilling angling opportunity for both experienced and novice fishermen. Up to eight other species can also be caught on line, creating some great fishermen’s tales to tell back home! (Please note that fishing is prohibited in January and February throughout Botswana when fish are breeding).

Available at: Mopiri


Mopiri has been used as the launch site for numerous “National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project” Delta wetland bird surveys, as well as being used to host education workshops with teachers from local schools in community outreach programmes. Researchers are available to give talks on their work and the Okavango Delta for those that are interested. (Please book in advance). 

Available at: Mopiri

Research Talks by The Wild Bird Trust


Experience the best of the Okavango Delta with an open doors helicopter flight over some of the most untouched and remote areas. The Robinson R44’s reliability and manoeuvrability makes it ideally suited to flying over the Delta. This is an add-on activity.

Available at: Mopiri, Nokanyana


Spend the day exploring the surrounding areas accompanied by our knowledgeable guides. At Mopiri you can explore the cool papyrus channels by boat, heading into the depths of the Okavango Delta. Stay at Nokanyana and pure adventure is on hand in the Moremi Game Reserve, Savute or Khwai. Each trip offers an abundance of wildlife viewings, getting you up-close to the wondrous nature Botswana offers. Lunch will be set and drinks provided so you can leave early in the morning and return just before dark.

Available at: Mopiri, Nokanyana

Sundowners at R&J


There is nothing more beautiful than an African sunset! Your guide will know the best spots to relax with a cooling drink and some delicious snacks. A wonderfully restorative activity after a busy day.


The whole family will love listening to enthusiastic guides talk about the orphaned elephants, explaining their behaviour through captivating storytelling and display. Elephant Havens carries out important conservation and habitat protection work, which you support by visiting the sanctuary. This is an add-on activity.

Available at: Mopiri, Nokanyana

Elephant Heaven Experience
Tsodilo Hills


There aren’t many places where you can visit two UNESCO heritage sites in one day! Flying by helicopter allows you to fully appreciate the significance and majesty of the Tsodilo Hills from the air, then enjoy spotting game as you fly to and from Mopiri in the Okavango Delta. 

Tsodilo Hills consist of four rocky hills in the Kalahari Desert, including Botswana’s highest point, and are sacred to the San Bushmen who utilised the caves and springs here until the late 20th century. They feature over 4500 rock paintings, some estimated to date back some 26,000 years; in fact, there’s evidence of human activity dating back some 100,000 years. You’ll be accompanied by an ever-smiling San guide, who will explain the fascinating artwork ­– giving you a unique glimpse into the history and culture of Botswana that few tourists get to experience. 

This is an add-on activity.

Available at: Mopiri

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Life in the Desert

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